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icon  AmigaOn meeting in Ontario, Canada (April 7th)
Posted by retroredrum - 15 February 2018 18:45
retroredrum's Avatar  Hi all,

the second edition of AmigaOn is coming on April 7th !

It's happening in Brockville, Ontario, Canada.

if you want to know more, here's a public event in facebook (you don't need an account) :

There will be a couple of talks and we will hold a Lotus 2 friendly competition

My friend Francis from PXLmod will be there to recap Amiga motherboards (and others) all day long. If you need a recap, you have to book with us, he's usually pretty busy

Everybody's welcome !
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Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 15 February 2018 01:12

AspireOS 2.0 Codename: Titan

Open source AmigaOS clone for i386 computers. This is a great and cheap alternative if you want a modern Amiga like system. There are lots of games and software for this OS. In this AspireOS live-cd I have only included software that are well tested and important to get stared.

Drivers are limited and it might not even boot with your hardware. For a trouble free experience I recommend ACER aspire one 110, 150 or zg5.

This OS can be used for most modern tasks. Media player, web-browser, gfx and audio software are included. Legacy Amiga software like DOpus 5.

This is a ISO file that you can burn to a CD or DVD. After that is done you have a live-CD that you can boot from any i386 hardware with optical drive.

For more info please visit

AspireOS 2.0 Codename: Titan Download
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PFS3AIO v3.0 Test
Posted by Toni Wilen - 11 February 2018 17:28
PFS3AIO v3.0 Test #2

- TD64/NSD capability test was not detected as failed if DoIO() succeeded but test read buffer was not modified.
- Added support for new OS 3.1.4 filesystem mount flags. (SCSIDIRECT, SUPERFLOPPY and DISABLENSD). (Don't ask me!)
- Include "PFS3AIO" in embedded version string.
- Added more information (accessed block, start and end of partition block) to out of bounds access error requesters.

PFS3AIO v3.0 Test #1 (Based on v19 PFS3)

- Finally 100% fixes wrong index block (and similar) errors, see below for details. Thanks to Michiel Pelt for helping to find this nasty bug.
- Fixed two (probably) harmless off-by-one bugs.
- Compiled with m68k optimized GCC 6 (, 17k smaller than previous pfs3aio.
- Some HD controllers modify MaxTransfer after filesystem has been initialized which was ignored by previous versions.
- Automatic 0x20000 max transfer limit is only enabled if scsi.device version is v36 or newer and older than v50.
- Automatically attempt to increase number of buffers if all buffers are in use and more buffers are required.
- Includes experimental >104G partition support. Shows warning if enabled during formatting.

Includes all previous pfs3aio features:

- Full KS 1.x compatibility.
- 68000+ compatible.
- TD64, NSD and Direct SCSI supported and autodetected.
and more...

Souces available from (and pfsdoctor)
Source tree also includes experimental >4G file size (48 bit file length field) support but it is not enabled in this version. Contact me if you want to test it.

>104G partition support and >4G file size support requires reformat and on-disk structures are not anymore compatible with old PFS3 or PFSDoctor versions. ( Note: command line only, no GUI like in official pfsdoctor)

Official version will be released in few weeks or so.


This version 100% fixes very old (has at least existed since commercial 18.x versions, possibly much longer) bug that causes wrong index block and similar errors when creating lots of new files/dirs quickly. PFSDoctor also reports errors, for example "x reserved blocks not used but allocated".

Trigger condition:
- >=5G partition size ("super index" partition mode)
- Lots of small files created quickly (for example unpacking archive with thousands of small files, for example EmeraldMines_v1.0_CD.lha)
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One more chance for Amy-ITX
Posted by Magic - 10 February 2018 22:12
It looks like you can register your interest for one more chance to buy an Amy-ITX motherboard. There is also an 030 board with fast IDE and an Ethernet card.
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icon  Ami-France / Daily Informations
Posted by Tarzin - 28 January 2018 10:03
Tarzin's Avatar  Ami-France is composed with 2 informations sources:
It's daily updated source of informations on both media. Mainly, texts are translated in French but some of them remains in English or are still understanding.

You'll read:
  • informations about most of Amiga systems
  • 1D1D: one day, one demo to (re)discover
Hope you'll find interesting informations!
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Elfie - The Unicorn - new game for classic amigas
Posted by Foxman - 27 January 2018 16:24

I once uploaded a small trailer for Elfie - The Unicorn.

The game is nearing completion and will be released soon.

Check it out (there is also a small preview of "Jack - The Unicorn Hunter" inside the trailer.

You can find more infos and news @
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The AUI Interview: Jay Miner – The Father Of The Amiga
Posted by Jaruzel - 24 January 2018 23:04

For those who never read it first time around...
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Adebug for Amiga source code released
Posted by frost242 - 20 January 2018 21:38

Daniel Vérité, who was responsible for the Amiga port of Adebug - surely the most powerful debugger on Atari ST, just released the source code of his port under the GPL v2 licence.
You can find it on github :
You can find my current Atari release, patched to support the 68060 on my github: I didn't take a deep look at it, but it may interest some people here.

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WinUAE 3.6.0
Posted by Toni Wilen - 19 January 2018 09:21
WinUAE 3.6.0 (17.01.2018) released.

Core emulation updates:

- 68030, 68040 and 68060 full instruction and data cache emulation, with or without MMU emulation.
- 68030, 68040 and 68060 EC model partial MMU (transparent translation registers only) emulation.
- 68030, 68040 and 68060 MMU emulation performance improved (added extra translation caches).
- STOP-instruction CPU model specific undocumented behavior emulated when parameter does not have S-bit set.
- 68020+ DIVS/DIVU CPU model specific undefined overflow condition N and Z flags emulated.
- Undocumented 68881/68882 FMOVECR values emulated.
- 68020/030 BCD instructions undocumented V flag behavior fixed (68000 was already correct)
- Optional Toshiba Gary slow (chip ram like) Z2 IO and/or ROM space access speed.

Emulated hardware expansion updates:

- Added Cubo CD32 later revision hardware support, PIC copy protection, touch screen, NVRAM and RTC emulation. (TODO: Coin and ticket dispenser support, no hardware information available)
- Cubo CD32 is now an expansion device, added DIPs, PIC game ID/language and expansion device enable options.
- A2090 Combitec and MacroSystem 3rd party ROM update/adapter supported.
- DKB 1230/1240/Cobra and Rapidfire flash rom write support added.

New emulated hardware expansions:

- Ashcom Addhard (SCSI)
- Evesham Micros Reference (SCSI)
- FastATA 4000 MK I/II (IDE)
- Gigatron Arriba (IDE)
- Kupke Golem HD3000 (OMTI)
- Profex HD3300 (OMTI)
- Reiter Software Wedge (OMTI)
- Sprit Technology InMate (SCSI)
- Music Master dongle

Direct3D 11 support implemented:

- Requires Windows 7SP1 and later. Windows 7 requires KB2670838 (Available via Windows update as an optional update), Windows 8 and later does not need any extra packages like D3D9 support required (Ancient DX9 redistributable).
- Requires hardware level 9.1 or higher, which means most Windows 7 capable GPUs are supported.
- All Direct3D9 mode features supported (overlays, masks, custom shaders)
- Variable sync (G-Sync, possibly also FreeSync) supported in windowed mode.
- Many D3D9 custom shaders are supported automatically, some require manual modifications to work in Direct3D 11 mode.

Other new features and updates:

- Simple box art/screenshot config file support.
- If Wait for Blitter is enabled and blit size makes no sense, don't wait. Fixes long delay in Vital / Mystic.
- Added "CIA 391078-01" advanced chipset checkbox. This CIA revision has a bug in IO port output mode, reading output mode port will always read output mode data state. Other models, including original DIP 8520, 391078-02 and Akiko internal CIAs read IO pin external voltage level as documented. This can affect "bad" mouse left button/joystick fire button reading code (not working or stuck button). Used in A600. A1200/A4000 can have -01 or -02 revision.
- Added ATAPI Tape drive emulation.
- CD SCSI emulator READ CD-DA and READ CD-DA MSF commands emulated.
- Expansion device GUI changes are now always activated after hard reset.
- uaehf.device hardfiles/harddrives unit number is now user configurable.
- "Include CD and FMV Audio" and/or sound mode change on the fly when CD or FMV audio is playing is now supported.
- Debugger assembler support (a) and some other misc debugger updates.
- Optional non-rawinput mouse and keyboard mode is back (-norawinput_all)
- Added Misc panel option to show WinUAE in Windows shutdown/logoff screen (Vista or newer) if emulation session is active.
- JIT Direct is allowed in CyberStorm PPC configuration but it also disables CSPPC MAP ROM hardware feature.
- Ability to image CHS-only IDE drives using USB adapters that don't support CHS-only drives. (Common side effect is drive being detected but it appears as zero size drive in Windows Disk Management)

Bugs fixed:

- It was not possible to override Z2 RAM board autoconfig data if board had built-in manufacturer/product ID defaults.
- It was not possible to change existing path with Select Directory/Select Archive or Plain File buttons.
- Fixed 64-bit version random crashes that usually happened with some shell extensions.
- Z3 RAM in manual mode was completely broken.
- UAE directory harddrive/hardfile KS 1.2 autoboot hack didn't work without extra reset if UAE autoconfig board wasn't first board in autoconfig chain.
- 68030 data cache emulation corrupted data if write was cached, write size was word or long and address was odd.
- 68040/060 without FPU: many FPU instruction F-line exceptions generated incorrect stack frames.
- ECS Denise BPLCON2 ECS-only bits (for example KILLEHB) were masked unless AGA was also selected.
- Obsolete IDE FORMAT TRACK command fixed.
- GamePorts panel custom mapping incorrectly parsed joystick autofire state from config file.
- Directory filesystem ACTION_SET_DATE failed to change date stamp if file was read-only.
- 68020 memory cycle exact CPU speed slider is again partially working, CPU speed can be reduced but not increased.
- GamePorts panel custom mapping incorrectly parsed joystick autofire state from config file.
- uae-configuration joystick port (joyportx) modification only queued but didn't apply changes.
- uaeserial.device crash fixed. DTR/RTS state now match serial.device behavior when device is opened.
- Fixed uaegfx VRAM size check, some modes that almost filled whole VRAM didn't appear in resolution list.
- uaenet.device didn't close low level ethernet handles when Amiga was reset, causing duplicate packets.
- Bitplane overrun condition triggered incorrectly in rare situation where bitplane DMA is enabled after DDFSTOP on OCS
- Tape drive emulation fixes. Fixes Amix install error if last file on tape was selected for install.

AVI recording bug fixes and updates:

- First avioutput recorded frame was sometimes partially corrupted.
- When saving state with avioutput active: last frame before state save was not recorded.
- Number of avioutput frames buffered (waiting for compression thread processing) counter was reset periodically which caused lost frames (and leaked memory) in recorded video if CPU was not fast enough.
- Delay initialization until first display frame or sound buffer recording request comes, previously "before filtering" option may have used wrong display size in some situations.
- Uncompressed video selection is not forgotten anymore.
- First frame was not rendered (and also not recorded) if statefile was restored when emulation was already running.
- If emulator state was changed (debugger breakpoint, statefile save etc..), last frame before state change was not recorded.
- File splitting (2G limit) incorrectly flushed sound buffers causing random sound glitches.
- Added -max_avi_size <bytes> -command line parameter to set split size.
- If recording was started and GUI was never opened in same session, sound recording rate become 44100Hz, causing AV syncronization issues if real rate was not same.

and more.

[bug reports in this thread will be ignored]
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The Commodore Story ( Netflix Feb )
Posted by stainy - 18 January 2018 15:49
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Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 17 January 2018 18:34
AMIGASYSTEM's Avatar  OpenURL: This library was created to make it easier for application programmers to
include clickable URLs in their applications, about windows, etc.
Current solutions to this problem typically are to launch an ARexx script
or just support a few webbrowsers, with no room for configuration. This
leads to countless reinventions of the wheel (how many SendURLToBrowser.rexx
scripts do you have on your harddisk?).

This library solves the problem by giving application programmers a very
simple API to handle (one function) and the user gets configurability with
the included preferences program.

OpenURL was originally developed by Troels Walsted Hansen, et al. Since 2005
it is developed by an independent open source developer group. It is released
as a public domain software.

OpenURL is available for OS3, OS4, MorphOS and AROS.

The OpenURL project is hosted on Github. Its project name is "libopenurl".
To report bugs use the bug tracker at

OpenURL v7.18: Download
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XMPlay 3.83
Posted by Viceroy - 10 January 2018 21:21
XmPlay 3.83 is out, its over 2 years since last update, there is a plugin on the website called xmp-delix which plays a lot of Amiga mods.

XMP-DELIX is a plugin for XMPlay for playing music in many various (often exotic) Amiga formats. Delix acts as a wrapper allowing XMPlay to use the EaglePlayer and DeliTracker players.
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Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 05 January 2018 17:59

MMULib: The mmu.library is a basis for MMU (memory management) related functions the
MC68K family can perform. Up to now certain hacks are available that program
the MMU themselves (Enforcer,CyberGuard,GuardianAngle,SetCPU,Shapeshifter,
It's therefore not unexpected that these tools conflict with each other.
There's up to now no Os support for the MMU at all - the gap this mmu.library

The goal is to provide a basis of functions to address and program the MMU in
a hardware independent, Os friendly fashion. Hence, the new version of the
Enforcer, called MuForce, will work together with virtual memory, and others.

The mmu.library is also the basis for the virtual memory project, the
memory.library. Even though the mmu.library does not provide virtual memory
itself, it builds the basics to allow an easy implementation and to avoid the
hacks required by other implementations so far.

The memory.library is now complete and can be found in this archive.

MMULib v46.13.1: Download
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icon  The Buddha IDE is back for 2018
Posted by rave - 03 January 2018 13:26
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[FREE] PDF of The Amiga in Pixels, US Gold, Ocean
Posted by ransom1122 - 01 January 2018 23:54
ransom1122's Avatar  Grab it before it expires at the end of the day

PDF - The Story of US Gold
02 Story of US Gold Book.pdf (268 MB)

PDF - The history of Ocean Software
01 Ocean History Book.pdf (369 MB)

PDF - The story of the Commodore Amiga in Pixels_
Amiga Download.pdf (459 MB)
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